Please, read carefully the terms and conditions!

Participant is responsible for his wellness himself. There is a Russian winter outside, it’s really cold. Participant prepares his personal first-aid kit inadvance. Participant can apply to organizers of the camp for the aid, but there is probability, that they will not have the required medicine.

Participant cares about wellness of other participants. It is not allowed to smoke in the buildings. You can smoke only outside and with the permission of people that are neardy.

There is no guarantee that all the stay in the camp will be smooth and easy and there will be no any problems with conditions of life (no hot water, noisy neighbors, etc). Participant should realize that organizers will take care of him and will try to resolve all appearing issues.

Participant cares about camp cleanness and does not leave garbage in the dancing halls. All garbage should be put to special crates or recycle bins.

Participant does not eat other participants’ portions of meals, at least without their permission. Participant understands that if he requires more food to recover – he can go to the bar.

Organizers do not control the amount of alcohol you drink, but reserve the right not to allow you to attend parties, classes or other camp events when you are drunk.

Participant understands that there is no Ideal Level Audition. Organizers will do everything to have good balance and level of the groups.

Participant has no claims to organizers if he/she misses a class or a party due to walk/sleep/rest. It is responsibility of each participant to follow the schedule.

There is no dress code in the camp, but participant understands that dirty or wet clothes, bad alcohol or cigarette breath can be unpleasant to other participants.

Every single organizer will try to help you in solving your problem, but it does not mean that you should not try to solve it on your own.