- fast and furious -

Transfer into the Camp on January 3

Transfer to the camp will be organized for participants from the metro station “Planernaya” from 15:00 to 18:00. The journey on the special buses takes around 40 minutes. Check-in in the Hotel from 17:00.

Transfer’s costs included in the registration fee already.

How to find transfer point near the “Planernaya” metro station.

1. Please, go to exit near the first carriage from the center.
2. On the outside it should look something like this:


If you don’t see other participants on the point “1”, then keep moving to the point “2”,


Exactly buses departure point

(please stay in touch — it may change!)


If you are lost or a little delay in the departure of the last bus, call Dmitry: +7 (903) 004-55-75
Map: buses departure point.

Departure from the Camp on January 8

Buses will be in the Camp from 15:00 and will bring back all the participants to metro station “Planernaya”.