Vitaliya Brukhanskaya

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Vitalia BrukhanskayaVitalia and Taras are known for their passion to lindy hop and balboa. They are popular as teachers, choreographers and social and show dancers. Both students and spectators love them for combining musicality, leading and following, strong technique and improvisation in their dance. As teachers they focus on dance technique at all the levels and teach the students to listen to the music and improvise that gives an additional dynamics to the dance.

Vitalia first came to the swing dance in 2005. She was much involved into the dance from the first days of classes already. After a year and a half she started to teach in Kiev Swing Dance Club, to do the shows and to take part in the popularization of the swing dances in Kiev and Ukraine.

Now Vitalia teaches lindy hop, blues, authentic jazz and balboa. Also she is the organizer of the two swing dance camps named Swinglandia and of the most of swing dance events in Kiev. Vitalia visits many of the world dance events such as Herrang (Sweden), Cannes (France), Boston and Washington (USA).

She always finds energy for making swing popular as a social dance. Her main source of inspiration is her students and she is happy to share her experience and the happiness of the dance with them. Freedom is the main thing of the dance for Vitalia. Every dance is a whole story and a piece of life for her. She pays much attention to the connection between the music and the dance and helps every student to find his most natural way of dancing.

Now Taras and Vita teach lindy hop, balboa, authentic jazz and Charleston. They often take part in international dance competitions all over the world.

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