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Tatiana GerorgievskayaTatiana started with classical dance at the age of 4, and at 9 switched to acrobatic rock-n-roll. Since then she also had been practicing and taking part in different projects in modern jazz, contemporary dance and Boogie Woogie.

In 2000-2009
– won World Cup in rock-n-roll Formation category;
– got promoted to r-n-r national judge of 3rd category in Ukraine;
– got to 1/2 finals of Ukraine got Talent show with boogie-woogie showcase;
– made LlM in International and European Public law;

In 2011-2015
– won 4 World Cups in boogie-woogie Main class;
– worked as cartoonist at stop motion studio Novatorfilm (Kiev, Ukraine);
– got Master of Sports of International Class in Ukraine.

Tatiana and Sondre started dancing, performing, teaching and working together back in 2015. It all began with invitation to teach at Swing Aout Festival (Laroquebrou, France) followed by several dance events mainly in Europe. Appart from performing and teaching, they also represent Norway on the international Boogie Woogie Competitions and take part in local tournaments. During 2016 Sondre and Tanya entered all finals in all competitions we took part in. Currently they are number 1 in the world overall main class boogie woogie ranking list.

They also organize one of the Europe’s biggest pure boogie woogie festival, Boogie Feet’s Festival, together with their danceclub Lesja Dovre Danseteam.


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