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Simona PogosianSimona Pogosian is a vibrant dance enthusiast daring you to break the dancefloor rules you know! Be it Lindy hop, Solo jazz, Balboa or Shag – she will effortlessly mix and match all together to create her own unique movement story. Simona started her dance journey when she was 4 years old. After trying different styles of dances, she fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2004. Since then all her time and energy have been dedicated to Swing dances. Simona, together with her companions pioneered Lindy Hop in Vilnius. She regularly teaches there and abroad inspiring students to break free and find the joy in what they do.

Simona is known for her exceptional choreographic ability to turn her jazz moves into an original dance story. Her power to easily follow the rhythm makes her a flawless follower in couple dances and also spotlights her solo artistry. Don’t miss the chance to ask her out for a dance! You will not regret!

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