- Mega boost it -

Ksenia Parkhatskaya (Solo jazz):

«My dear friends, I’m delighted to host a solo jazz bootcamp for the 4th time! Every year its been a great, intensive and highly inspiring journey together. Bootcamp it is just because we only have 5h to sculpt a choreography that we, you are going to perform on the grand cabaret night. So it’s hot, it’s intensive, it requires your passion and commitment. Equally it’s very much jazz, exciting and inspiring. So this year await new choreography to Jazz at Lincoln center orchestra masters!
I only can have maximum of 16-20 people for this bootcamp project. Everyone who would love to take part come to the first class and while learning the piece from the choreo I will run a little innocent audition. What will help you in the bootcamp is fast learning, experience in solo jazz and swing, commitment, practice and passion 🙂
Dear friend, few guidelines for the dress code.
Place : train station
Season : autumn
Colours : autumnal
Jackets, light and not too long coats, scarfs, head pieces are welcome.»

Roma and Lena (Boogie Woogie):

«Not enough classes?
Want some more?
You’re still not in New Year’s mood?
Then we invite you to the most Christmas bootcamp of them all from Roma and Lena. And it doesn’t matter, what you dance!»

Marina and Valentine (Balboa):

«Let’s show the beauty of balboa with an amazing showcase for the Cabaret!
During 8 classes we will boost your technique and musicality and show, that balboa is not only good for you, but is also very fun! Sign up with a partner, your balboa experience should be at least 9 months.»

Dasha and Dima (Lindy Hop):

«Dear lindy hoppers, this year we want to create something unique, such a thing has never been done before, but the idea and the number are ready! We will have 8 hours of classes and we welcome advanced dancers to join in couples. It’s better to be able to or at least be ready to do air steps, and there might be auditions.
Fast lindy hop + choreography inspired by Bob Fosse and all that done to “Trumpet blues” by Harry James.
For the audition we’ll give you a part of the routine. Dress code – white clothes.»

Masha and  Sergey (Collegiate Shag):

«For the first time in MXDC we have Collegiate Shag Bootcamp!
This year we have prepared for you a very interesting and musical showcase!
There’s going to be 5 hours of classes and a cabaret performance, so everyone will have fun! There will be a lot of interesting and helpful information! Sign up with a partner! This bootcamp is for those, who know the basics of Collegiate Shag or for dancers who are in level intermediate or higher.»

Igor and Polina (Funky Body Percussion):

«Attention! Achtung! To everyone, who wants to join Body Percussion Bootcamp from Igor and Polina! We’re gonna evolve in style of sunny Brazil! During wonderful winter days we’re gonna conquer the great Sergio Mendes’s “Magalenha”!
Let’s learn its melody and lyrics beforehand!
It will make our lives easier! Hot Brazilian rhythms, brief Portuguese language course and VOCALS! Let’s do it!»

(put a “No” on a “solo jazz” and “body percussion” instead of a partner)